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This community is for anyone and everyone that wants a non-objective opinion on anything and everything, be it a livejournal layout, artwork, photography, or anything else you might want an critique of. Posting things to be judged is encouraged, but it isn't neccessary to comment. Feel free to post any sort of poll in here too.

1. Any extremely large/lengthly posts must be put behind a livejournal cut, as well as anything of an offensive nature. Any posts that don't comply with this rule may be edited/deleted without notice.

2. I will delete any posts asking for livejournal codes. However, if anyone wants to ask for a code at the end of their post, it's okay.

3. Constructive criticsm and honesty are encouraged here, but keep any personal arguments out of the community. Also, feel free to question/defend yourself against any comments people make, but don't make personal attacks on someone for commenting.

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