hangmans_jury (bosifus) wrote in judgethis,

Close your eyes, and count to ten. When you wake....I'll be dead

My heart is torn and cannot be mended
My thoughts that roam my mind are no longer splendid
To love is to hate and to hate is to love
To that special four letter word I will push and shove
My breathing is weak and I cannot see
Your face is there when I drop to my knee
Let it have me now...
..Blood drips from my brow
Taste the hate and feel how it is warm
It welcomes well in its form
My heart is torn and cold inside
It rips open and lets forth a dark blooded tide
It is "love" that has caused all this trouble
And it is"love" that has made hate in my heart double
If this word causes so much pain
For this word why do others seek and try to gain?
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